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Stage 3 Uterine Cancer: New Life, New Beginning

Consistency and persistence are always the keys to success.

It was a great way to start the year – seeing the direct benefits of CCT during an inspiring session with Mrs. Maria and her family.

Mrs. Maria's experience as a patient who has benefited from CCT is as follows: She had a CT scan three and a half years ago, which revealed a tumor in her uterus. The cancer was more than 20cm in diameter and was made up of many liquid cysts with varying forms. She chose surgery after assessing the pros and cons of the various options available to her. According to the surgeons, the disease was a metastatic lesion, an extremely spreadable variety of adenocarcinoma. The cancer cells had already spread to the lymph gland. The diagnosis of stage III cancer was made.

Two weeks following surgery, Mrs. Maria made the decision to start CCT. The CCT device consists of two parts that extend from the chest and covers the majority of the body. The CCT team recommended using the device twice a day for 15 minutes each time, with the intensity gradually increasing to 30 minutes after two weeks and 60 minutes after one month.

After the first week, Mrs. Maria's body responded to the CCT treatment, exhibiting the expected side effects. She sweated a lot, passed out a lot of gas (flatus), and had black feces with a strong stench. The reaction only lasted about two months. Following this, her body recovered to normal for the remainder of the treatment.

She realized that CCT had a positive effect on her. The bulge at her groin began to shrink. Her blood test results, lung x-ray, and abdominal ultrasound came back normal three months post CCT. Although the CT scan revealed that the lump was still present, she had made significant progress in only three months.

Mrs. Maria continues to use CCT on a regular basis and visits the hospital for her routine medical checkups. At her last appointment, her body conditions were normal, and we are confident that her journey with CCT will continue to improve her life.

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