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Thyroid Cancer: The Lump is Gone and Never Returned Ever Since.

Making a difficult choice is never easy, but it could save your life.

The lump on Mrs. Wati’s neck is now long gone, but this was not the case ten years ago. Following thyroid surgery, she learned that there were cancerous cells that needed immediate treatment in her thyroid.

She was faced with a difficult choice regarding her treatment options, and this is her story with ECCT:

At the time, she refused to undergo chemotherapy. A few months later, a new lump appeared on the right side of her neck. Her doctor advised her to have a biopsy. However, she rejected it and chose to use ECCT instead.

She uses ECCT about 12 hours a day, and the reaction was nearly immediate. The hard lump the size of a quail egg on her neck turned red within two weeks, resembling a ripe boil about to burst. A month later, her "boil" burst out with very smelly mucous and discharge. The lump on her neck deflated as soon as the fluid was removed, and the wound darkened and healed on its own.

Mrs. Wati has not stopped using ECCT for the past nine years. She continues to use ECCT as a preventative measure for four to five days per week. Since then, the lump has never come back. We wish her continued health and happiness with ECCT.

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