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The Story of a Teenager Fighting against Bone Cancer

"I raised Arbi myself. Arbi's mother died when Arbi was 8 years old… Breast cancer". Said Arbi’s father.

7 years ago, the doctor stated that Arbi's arm had to be amputated. Not only on the arm but nearly half of the shoulder must be amputated to prevent spreading. The doctor predicted that Arbi could only live for 6 months after the operation due to the type of cancer he had.

There are not many options available then. Finally Arbi decided not to have surgery. At that time, the cancer in Arbi's arm was the size of a fist. The danger of Arbi's bone cancer is not in his arm, but if the cancer spreads to the lungs and brain, the bones can grow in the lungs, and if it spreads to the brain, it can be fatal.

In 2012 Arbi began with ECCT in his journey of fighting cancer.

The most important for ECCT is to prevent cancer from entering the lungs and brain, thankfully, his cancer becomes weak, and he can be safely operated on. After years, all the cancer debris finally had completely fallen out like weathered wood and colourful rocks oozing out through the wound on his arm. The six months that the doctor had predicted had way past. Arbi continues to fight cancer with his tenacity.

Arbi, together with ECCT managed to conquer his malignant cancer, managed to strengthen his soul. After more than seven years of fighting cancer using ECCT, Arbi was finally declared cancer-free in 2020!

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