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Stage 4 Stomach Cancer: A second chance is worth fighting for

Mr. Selamet, 73 years old

In 2014, Mr. Selamet was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer and prostate swelling. He saw several doctors across the country for treatment but was heartbroken to learn he only had about six months to live.

Here is Mr. Selamet’s journey with ECCT:

Against all the odds, he was determined to fight this battle because he could not handle the prospect of leaving his family, especially his small grandchildren, behind. He was determined to fight his cancer and prolong his life. He began researching other treatment options that would combat this fast-growing cancer.

Through his research, Mr. Selamet found ECCT. Although his family was hesitant about ECCT, he decided to give it a shot. He knew that it could work. He even mentioned to one of our staff, “As a retiree with a pharmacy background, I know very well how the technology could work for me. Without a single doubt, I believe in ECCT.”

ECCT gave Mr. Selamet a rare second chance. He is now 74 and living a healthy, happy life after using ECCT for treatment. We are really grateful and want to thank you, Mr. Selamet, for the trust you placed in ECCT. We hope that he will remain healthy and enjoy his journey with his grandchildren and family for many years to come.

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