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She Declared Triumphantly Beating Cancer: Stage IV Breast Cancer with Lung Metastasis

Eli was fearing the worst. Being diagnosed with cancer is the last thing anyone in this world wants to hear. Financially, Eli is already in the doldrums. Being diagnosed with cancer now is just pure gut-wrenching for her. Luckily for her, she discovered ECCT and went on with the ECCT treatment.

Eli was initially diagnosed with breast cancer, which already spread to her lungs. With her financial troubles and cancer diagnosis, she reaches out to a few friends who managed to chip in to assist her with the ECCT treatment. After 6 months of using ECCT, her results were nothing short of amazing, the cancer was in remission but as luck would have it, the scan showed a cyst in her uterus and a stone in her bladder. Dr Warsito was unfazed by these and take these as part and parcel of her recovery from cancer. Eli was told to continue her ECCT treatment and after a few months, the cyst and stone were also cleared. She is now as healthy as she can get!

Eli declared triumphantly that she has beaten cancer and we cannot agree more!

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