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Massive Lymphoma: When All Hope Was Lost, ECCT Helped Her Achieved 8.5 Years of Survival in 2023'

'If you fall seven times, stand up eight.'

In 2013, Dewi was 56 years old when she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma.

Here is Dewi's success story with ECCT:

After her diagnosis, Dewi's cancer progressed incredibly fast. Initially, it was just a small lump on her neck. Within two weeks, the cancer had progressed to involve the right side of her neck and her shoulder. Dewi also had a number of large nodules growing at her chest and mediastinum (near her heart). Her condition deteriorated. She was unable to swallow food or drink and was forced to spend two weeks in a hospital bed.

Dewi began ECCT as a palliative treatment because she didn't have many other options. Her condition began to improve within a few days. She continued getting better every day as a result of her ECCT treatments. She was able to walk again after two weeks in the hospital and was discharged soon after.

The benefits of ECCT were clear. After only two months of treatment, the nodules in Dewi's neck had nearly completely disappeared. After nine months, she had an imaging examination, which revealed no abnormalities in her neck or chest. The cancer was no longer present.

She got her life back because she had trusted a new treatment option, the ECCT. As of today (2023), she has been cancer-free for 8.5 years, in good health, and in complete remission.

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