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Lymphatic Cancer: 10 years ago, ECCT was Her Only Hope of Survival.

Mrs. Sagita Wijaya is 85 years old this year and living a healthy life even in her old age, although it was a challenging journey to reach this state of health. Twenty years ago, she had surgery to remove her breast tumor, and later on, she was diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease, which led to a pacemaker being implanted in her chest.

Ten years later (2012), her right hand had started swelling severely while several large bumps had appeared on her shoulders. Ultrasound results showed that there were dozens of lumps in her right shoulder, some as big as 5 cm. The swelling of the lymph nodes in her shoulder resulted from form clogged the lymph channels, ultimately causing her shoulder to swell. There were no effective solutions to treat Mrs. Sagita's cancer, considering her heart conditions.

There was a limited alternative. Mrs. Sagita's two daughters finally decided to try ECCT. A specially tailored ECCT was made for her in the form of a vest and a bandage around her arms which mounted electrode plates that can emit electric field waves at a low voltage to treat her swelling. After a few sessions, Mrs. Sagita's hand swelling reduced, and the lump on her shoulder slowly softened. She excreted a significant amount of sweat, urine, and feces while using the device. Two and a half years after using ECCT, the lump on her shoulder had completely disappeared, and her arm hasn't been swollen in a long time. Mrs. Sagita has no problem with her heart or the pacemaker she used while using ECCT.

Ten years have passed since Mrs. Sagita was first diagnosed with lymph node cancer. She is very healthy and continues to use the ECCT diligently to this day. We hope she will stay healthy and happy through the rest of her journey.

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