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Lung Cancer, Stage 4: Back from the Edge of Death

Antonyus Hertanto, 10th year survival

Survivor of the worst lung cancer in 2023.

There may be no story more encouraging than Antonyus Hertanto's when it comes to cancer survival. He literally came back from the brink of death to live a long, healthy life.

Here is a powerful story of how CCT saved Mr. Hertanto: In 2013, he was diagnosed with a 13cm adenocarcinoma on the right side of his heart. He also had a massive pleural effusion in his right lung, which made matters worse. He could barely breathe.

Treatment with CCT was difficult at first, but it eventually began to work. The physicians had to drain the pleural fluid every two weeks for three months to reduce the strain on his lung. He felt that he could beat the odds and beat cancer with his incredible energy and efforts. The pleural effusion was resolved after three months, and he was able to breathe normally again.

The benefits of CCT began to show. The tumor shrank, and a CT-guided biopsy on the remaining lump revealed no tumor cells after three years of treatment. He recently celebrated six years of cancer-free living.

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