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Vietnam, Lung Cancer, Stage IV: From Tumour Size 7.3cm to 2cm in 18 Months

'Your mom will always fight for you, and you should always fight for her.'

Dr. Duc works as a radiologist in a notable hospital in Vietnam. His world changed forever when his mother was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma of the lung with spine metastasis.

Here is Dr. Duc and his mother's story with CCT:

Dr. Duc's mother suffered from a poor appetite and loss of taste due to the cancer, while the spine metastasis was causing severe pain. During her first meeting with a doctor, she was told that her cancer had advanced to an aggressive stage and she had roughly six months to live. Dr. Duc could not accept this. Even though he is a medical doctor, he could not save his own mother's life. He was sad but determined to find another solution.

Dr. Duc got connected with the board members of Revotera. They provided his mother with a rare second chance through CCT, and her incredible story with CCT starts. Dr. Duc was overjoyed to see his mother's condition improving each day. Her appetite came back, she was able to enjoy food again, and her pain was gone. During the follow-up visits, her oncologist was surprised with her remarkable improvement and even mentioned to Dr. Duc that most patients may not have made it.

Initially, she used CCT for 30 minutes twice a day for one month and then increased it to 60 minutes twice per day. She then used the CCT device for 90 minutes after six months. Eleven months after the initial CCT treatment, the positive difference in her health was astounding. Dr. Duc's mother's physical condition improved significantly, and her cancer symptoms began to subside. She was able to perform all activities of daily living independently, and her physical health and strength have improved. Prior to treatment, she could only walk for 100m. Now, she can walk up to 1km at a time.

CCT made a difference and gave Dr. Duc's mother her life back. Dr. Duc's mother is currently healthy and thriving. Looking at his mother's smile every day, Dr. Duc feels humbled and moved by the positive effects of CCT on his mother's health.

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