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Innovative Therapy Helps Woman Overcome Complex Cysts

In 2012, Elly experienced pain in both breasts, and was diagnosed with complex cysts rather than cancer. At the time, the only alternative to surgery for treating cysts was the use of ECCT. Elly began using the device in late 2013, and while her pain did not immediately go away, her progress was noticeable. A year later, an ultrasound revealed multiple cysts in her liver. Elly switched to using a vest-type ECCT instead.

After using the vest, her pain gradually decreased. Two years later, an ultrasound scan showed that the cysts in her breasts were no longer detectable, and the cysts in her liver had almost disappeared. Since 2017, Elly has practically stopped using the device as her complaints have largely disappeared.

However, six years later, the cysts reappeared in both of her breasts. In 2023, Elly has restarted using ECCT once again, with the hope that her condition will improve soon.

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