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Her Tenacity was Extraordinary: Stage IV Breast Cancer

10 years ago, Mrs Nancy was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer after she underwent a series of tests including mammography, ultrasound and biopsy. It was a small lump of approximately 2.5 cm but had shown signs of metastasis and affecting her skin.

Her reactions after using the ECCT device were relatively mild, except for the pungent defecation and urination in the first 6 months. After more than 6 months of usage, the ultrasound scan shed a good progress in that the tumour size was reduced to 1.6 cm from the original 2.5 cm. Thereafter, the progress tapered off and it took about 5 years for the tumour to shrink to less than 1cm and after 10 years of continuous usage of the ECCT device, it was when the tumour completely disappear. When Mrs Nancy went to see her specialist doctor after 10 years of ECCT usage, the specialist Doctor found it implausible and incredulous that the tumour actually disappeared when Mrs Nancy hasn’t undergone any of the mainstream cancer treatment!

During her entire cancer recovery journey, Mrs Nancy didn’t suffer nor show any severe symptoms. Her breast size returned to normal without any significant physical changes. The spread to the skin that initially occurred didn’t morph into a wound. The results of her annual examinations of the lungs, heart and liver functions always returned healthy results. Her tenacity was extraordinary. Today, with her supportive husband by her side as always, she has created her own miracle in being free from cancer! Mrs Nancy continue using ECCT even though she is now cancer free to prevent recurrence.

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