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Grandma P, 81, 9 years breast cancer survivor: Sharing of Happiness

She would like to be known as Grandma P, 81, 9 years breast cancer survivor

Grandma P is still living a healthy life every day for the past many years after her cancer remission. Even at the age of 81, she is diligent in going to church, going to her children's house to visit grandchildren, and picking up gardening as her leisure hobby.

What's the key for Grandma P to be healthy as she is today? Her answer was pretty simply: Just being fully confident in the therapy process, and last but not least, her children always accompanied and supported her throughout the therapy process.

Grandma P has been living healthy for almost 9 years (in 2022) since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Such an extraordinary gift of life to be healthy again and enjoy life with family for nearly a decade.

Currently, Grandma P continues to be a volunteer as she wishes to help and encourage other cancer patients to live healthy and happy lives like her.

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