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Colon Cancer Stage IV: No Longer Needs to use a Bowel Bag

Pak Suwarno was bed-ridden and had wounds resembling a surgical “tear-off” on his abdomen when he was diagnosed with colon and rectal cancer.

A week earlier, he had a colostomy surgery to implant a bowel bag and he had a surgery scheduled to remove his tumor, but this was cancelled due to the mass being too sticky (adhesion) and blocking his intestine and anus.

Pak Suwarno then underwent therapy using CCT. In a matter of days, there was fluid mixed with mucus constantly discharged from his anus. This fluid was a result of the cancer cells dissolving. Subsequently, his abdominal wounds dried up after a month, and the anal discharge eventually stopped 3 months after initially using CCT.

Now he is back at work. Although he still wears a defecation bag taped to his stomach, his latest result showed that the mass that was blocking his anus was no longer seen. His doctor will continue observing him for 6 months and if there is no recurrence of this mass, they will be able to reconnect his intestine to his anus, so that he no longer needs to use a bowel bag.

We hope and trust that the mass will not recur, and he will continue to live a long and happy life.

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