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Steadfast choice of cancer treatment for invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer in the past 10 year

cancer treatment for invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer

cancer treatment for invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer

It was a decade after the initial diagnosis that a pivotal moment occurred in Madam Yuni's health journey. The cancer that had once posed a threat had completely vanished from her body, all thanks to the 4-month use of the ECCT device.

Her initial diagnosis from mammography and ultrasound reports had raised concerns—a lump surrounded by smaller nodules. A pathological analysis had revealed grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. The decision was made to exclusively use electric field therapy through the ECCT device as her treatment.

Remarkably, within just 2 months of using the ECCT device, the activity in her right breast showed a significant decrease. By the 4-month mark, scans indicated that her tumor was approaching normal levels. When subsequent ultrasounds were performed, no nodules were detectable in either breast.

Madam Yuni continued to wear the ECCT vest for preventive maintenance. However, after a few more years, heightened hormonal activity led to the formation of cysts in both breasts, seemingly triggered by psychological stress.

For more than 7 years, these cysts would appear and disappear periodically. Yet, during the pandemic, an unexpected challenge arose in the form of a solid lump in the upper middle of her chest. The stress brought on by the pandemic likely exacerbated hormonal fluctuations, overpowering the effectiveness of the ECCT device.

Nevertheless, Madam Yuni persevered, remaining steadfast in her use of the ECCT device. Over time, the lump began to soften, although the rate of reduction was slower compared to previous experiences due to its nature of slower cell division.

She expressed gratitude for how the ECCT device had extended her life while maintaining a high quality of life. Eventually, an unexpected twist of fate led her to meet a man who became her life partner. A decade had passed, and Madam Yuni had finally found solace for her psychological stress—her husband, who became her emotional support after her prolonged battle with cancer.









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