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In late 2012, Mrs. Ninuk Wulandari was diagnosed with brainstem cancer, a high-grade glioma situated right in the middle of her brain stem.

She was told: “Once these vital nerves are gripped by buffer cells (glial cells), which exist between nerves and develop into malignant tumors (gliomas); it is similar to being in a state between conscious and unconscious, between breathing and not breathing, and between life and death.”

She understood there was no practical way to free these critical nerves from the clutches of the cancer cells coiled between them, whether through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, without causing damage to the vital nerves themselves. After two months of conventional treatment, the hospital sent her home as there was no improvement.

Now, Mrs. Nunik had two options: Surrendering to the situation while awaiting her fate or looking for an alternative that had never existed before. Her husband, Mr. Edi, did not want to give up on the situation or his wife, so he chose to try the alternative, the ECCT. The ECCT device used for her is a helmet covering the brain cancer area.

Despite being in a state between conscious and unconscious for months, Mrs. Ninuk was fully awake in a matter of days. In two weeks, she had re-learned how to walk, and in a month, she started walking independently around.

Mrs. Ninuk, we wish you good health and a happy life!

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