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Breast Cancer, Stage 4: CCT was born. To fight for the ones we love, we must do whatever it takes.

Mrs. Suwarni (Dr. Warsito’s sister) is 60 years old lady and has reached 12 years of survival after a breast cancer diagnosis.

This is a personal story about one of our board members, Dr. Warsito, and his sister’s battle with cancer. In 2009, Mrs. Suwarni was diagnosed with breast cancer that had already advanced to stage IV, and Dr. Warsito found a way to help.

Here's the story of how Dr. Warsito and his sister used CCT to beat stage IV breast cancer:

Mrs. Suwarni's condition deteriorated, necessitating a mastectomy in early 2010 followed by chemotherapy. She was well aware of the side effects of chemotherapy and how it can lower her quality of life, so she refused to be treated with it. Despite the fact that doctors told her there was little chance for therapy, Dr. Warsito was determined to find a cure for his sister. Dr. Warsito was inspired to create the first CCT after seeing his sister's health deteriorate. She went into remission after two months of wearing the CCT device.

The battle was not easy, but CCT saved Mrs. Suwarni’s life.

Mrs. Suwarni continued to fight and achieve remission with CCT despite three recurrences in five years. She has been cancer-free for several years now and leads a healthy, normal life after twelve years.

CCT is still helping cancer patients. Over the last 13 years, Dr. Warsito's CCT solution has aided over a thousand patients, 90% of whom were in advanced stages of cancer. When Mrs. Suwarni was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of cancer, Dr. Warsito went to battle for his sister, and he discovered something that helped her and many others.

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