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Breast Cancer Invasive ductal carcinoma Stage III: Mrs Muhimmatun remained healthy without recurrent

Mrs Muhimmatun Nisa remained healthy without recurrent in the last 5 years.

5 years ago, several lumps were found in her breasts; some were grouped together and had multiple nodules. The size varies between 1cm-2cm. The biopsy showed malignancy: Invasive ductal carcinoma, no special type, grade 3. Small lumps were also found near the skin surface of her breasts. The biopsy shows inflammation and hardening around the area of her tumours. This is a typical type of breast cancer with a high malignancy rate.

She refused chemotherapy after surgery and decided to take on ECCT. The development was relatively smooth and steady, and there was no significant discomfort as most of the larger size lumps had been removed through a lumpectomy/biopsy operation. For 5 years, Mrs. Nisa's condition has remained healthy. She has never experienced pain or discomfort and can perform her daily job and task as others.

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