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Breast Cancer: 11 years passed, and the lump has never appeared again.

Mrs Titin was diagnosed with a breast tumour in the mid of 2011. The pathology results showed it was malignant cancer with high hormonal activity. She then underwent surgery and radiation therapy for 25 sessions. Unfortunately, a short while after she completed her radiotherapy sessions, the scan showed 2 new lumps of 1-2 cm in size appearing again near her surgical area. Mrs Titin then continued taking hormone medication for the next 5 years.

She then decided to start ECCT therapy around early 2012 while continuing to take hormone medication. The new lump completely disappeared based on the ultrasound results after 1.5 years of usage. Other conditions are normal as well. While using the ECCT device, she did not experience any discomfort or body pain. She continued to take her hormone medication till she completed 5 years.

11 years later, Mrs Titin's condition is still healthy and active. Ultrasound, X-ray and blood lab results were all normal. The lump never appeared again.

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