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Meningioma Brain Cancer, Stage IV: She Decided To Try CCT On Her Doctor's Recommendation

Madam Herin has been using CCT for almost ten years now. She looks much younger than her age of 60 - probably due to the beneficial side effects of Capacitance Cancer Therapy!

She was diagnosed with a soft tissue tumor meningioma in the brain just behind her right eye ten years ago, resulting in her right eye not being able to open. She had surgery on this, but the tumor stubbornly grew back again.

Madam Herin was worried that her body might not be able to withstand another surgery to remove the tumor again. There is also a high risk of a permanent loss of sight in her right eye should she undergo another surgery. It was then that Madam Herin decided to try out Capacitance Cancer Therapy (CCT) on the recommendation of the doctor who had treated her.

Currently, she can open her right eye completely with limited vision, though her eyesight hasn’t yet fully returned. Her MRI results indicate that the tumor seems to be stagnant and did not grow for the past five years.

The tumor behind her eye is a low malignancy, slow-growing type. Therefore, the reaction to CCT is slower compared to an aggressive malignant tumor. With the continual development and enhancement of the CCT technology, we are confident that the tumor will disappear slowly but surely!

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