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A Long but Worthwhile Journey: Low Grade Astrocytoma Cancer Stage IV

Mr. Ngateman is 60 years old man who is now a retiree from the Air Force. 5 years ago, he suffered from persistent headaches, blurred vision, a loss of balance, and frequent leg cramps when he learned that had a type of malignant brain cancer. The MRI results showed the presence of low grade astrocytoma, a malignant tumour of the Low-Grade Astrocytoma type. The size was about 3-4 cm in the right back brain.

The response of the low-grade tumour could be relatively slower than the type with a high level of malignancy. The discharge reaction in the form of blackish dark poop and pungent smelling urine only gradually appears after a few months. The frequency of the headaches reduces and completely disappears after 4-6 months while the frequency of the cramps in his legs also diminished significantly. He began to feel better and see clearly again.

The results of the MRI after 8 months of using the ECCT device showed that the mass that used to be seen in the previous MRI had turned into dead tissue with a much smaller size mass. The dead cancer tissue is often a solid and hard mass that is difficult to be absorbed and purged by the body's immune cells. The MRI results after 5 years showed dead tissue almost vanished.

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