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Brain Cancer, Stage 4: Out of the Dark - A Fight just to be Ordinary

One of our youngest souls, the bravest and strongest warrior.

For anonymity purposes, this patient will remain unnamed. However, this little angel was only four years old when brain cancer took away her mobility, eyesight, and hearing.

Her quality of life was gone, and here is how CCT helped: After her diagnosis, she was living in complete darkness and silence without the familiar voices of her parents. She was unable to play like other children or experience any part of this world. While her parents worked tirelessly to find a cure by any means possible, they could not find a treatment that worked.

Then, they heard about CCT. Despite many obstacles, they were connected to Dr. Warsito and began the treatment journey. Due to her tiny body, Dr. Warsito designed a helmet that effortlessly fit her for optimal treatment. She is getting stronger day by day with CCT. Finally, she began to see the light again and she could hear the comforting voices of her parents. Over time, she was able to play with other children in her neighborhood. CCT helped her get out of the dark and become a charismatic and cheerful girl with great potential.

CCT worked and restored her health and quality of life. In 2022, she is celebrating ten years of life without cancer due to CCT. We wish continued health to this remarkable and strong girl.

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