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Choroid Plexus Papilloma Brain Cancer (Pediatric Cancer): He Won The WAR, Not Just The Fight.

Taqi, 9 years old

"There is no love greater than the love for your child."
"There is no will stronger than the will to cure your child."

There are so many childhood cancer cases, and sometimes it moves you for a moment, but you never imagine it could happen to your child. The following is a personal statement from a family member, among many others, with inspiring stories about true cancer fighters who WON the WAR: Taqi’s family and Taqi himself.

Here is Taqi’s personal story with CCT: In 2013, Taqi was born and was diagnosed with Choroid plexus papilloma brain cancer in the same year. Taqi’s parents paid for numerous treatments throughout his infancy, but his tiny body was unable to combat the cancerous cells. Taqi's brain cancer did not go away. He was crying with horrific pain every single day. Furthermore, the little boy was unable to eat and was hypersensitive to all types of stimuli. It seemed that nothing would work, and cancer depleted Taqi’s parents’ mental and physical strength. There was no money available for treatment, and there were also no signs of improvement.

There was no hope left for the family. Taqi’s father became severely depressed and even considered ending his own life because he thought there was no way to save his own little baby. Cancer's sorrow and burden on this family were so intense, as seen by their expressions and every motion they made.

When the family found out about CCT, they had no idea it would be a life-saving opportunity. Taqi was only nine months old when the family was introduced to CCT. Taqi stopped crying after using the helmet for some time; maybe the pain subsided. He started laughing and playing like other children. They knew that they had not won the war yet, but it felt like they had won one fight. This was the beginning of a new life to be a true winner. NEW HOPE just appeared.

Taqi's cancer was cured; no words can express the thankfulness to Dr. Warsito, the family member said. Taqi received a five-year cancer survivor certificate from Dr. Warsito in 2018. The CCT treatment was extremely successful, and the cancer went into remission. He is now 9 years old and in school. The parents are no longer affected by cancer, and they now devote their time to advocating for others to consider CCT in their treatment options.

We hope that Taqi will remain healthy for the rest of his new and long journey in this life. He will grow up knowing that his family has triumphed over cancer thanks to CCT.

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