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Brain Cancer: CCT Works for Brain Cancer

Mrs. Ninik Wulandari, 10th years survival

A mind is a powerful tool, and we must nurture it.

This is an extraordinary story about Mrs. Ninuk Wulandari, a brain cancer survivor using CCT. In 2012, she was diagnosed with brain cancer in the middle of her brain stem. The severity of her condition forced her to lie in a hospital bed for a month waiting for any treatment that could work for her specific condition. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done with the existing technology or treatment methods available to her.

The family chose to proceed with CCT as a last resort to treat Mrs. Wulandari. The CCT team decided to put the CCT helmet on her, who was still bound to bed due to the severity of her condition and unable to enjoy her life. It was the team’s hope that CCT would improve her quality of life while fighting this cancer.

CCT was a surprised for Mrs. Ninuk Wulandari’s family needed. After exhausting their options, the family felt that only a miracle could allow her to get out of bed and see the world again. CCT was that miracle! One week after treatment, she was able to sit up in from the bed. Two weeks later, she finally could stand up. One month later, she was able to walk with a cane. It was truly amazing progress that she made!

CCT made significant improvements to her life. After six months of treatment, she was walking normally and enjoying her life. Until this day, she is still blessed with excellent health and we hope this great health of hers continues for many years to come.

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