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Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer: from paralysis to on her feet in 1 month!

Mrs. Sumiyati is over 70 years old and now living blissfully in Sleman, Jogja, with her beloved children; 2 Sons and 2 daughters. Just 7 years ago, Sumiyati was in a state of paralysis and could only move the tip of her fingers and eyelids.

This was a result of a malignant tumor called GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) in her left cerebrum that cause restriction to almost all her physical movements. This is one of the most malignant types of brain cancer. All literature and medical opinions about her condition were very pessimistic - with the average survival duration of 14 months upon diagnosis.

Even if she were to embark on the best available medical treatment in the country, she only had a 5% survival rate at 5 years. Two of her children came to know about Capacitance Cancer Therapy (CCT) and decided to use CCT treatment on their mother.

After using it for one month, Mrs. Sumiyati began to get back on her feet and 3 months later, she was very enthusiastic and ready to go on a trip to Tangerang from her village in Jogja!

6 months later, the results of the CT scan showed that the tumor has disappeared, and so does all her complications. In the case of a GBM tumor patient, it is considered a spectacular outcome to survive for 5 years, and to do this without any pain or loss of mobility, is simply miraculous!

Today it has been 7 years since Mrs. Sumiyati was diagnosed with a GBM tumor. Mrs. Sumiyati came today to see Dr. Warsito, accompanied by her children. She told Dr, Warsito that she has a slight, uncontrolled tremor in her fingertips.

Dr. Warsito: Madam, I'm sorry, we can't do this one. It's not because the tumor is growing again, but it's called 'brain atrophy'.

Mrs. Sumiyati: What's that?

Dr. Warsito: The simple language is the ageing process of the brain, I'm sorry, ma'am.

Mrs. Sumiyati: So, what's next?

Dr. Warsito: Unfortunately, it can't be helped,

Mrs. Sumiyati: You haven’t found a way for the brain to be young again?

Dr. Warsito: Oooo, yes, I have. We have new research and a new method that can enhance better blood flow to the brain, so the brain gets a better supply of oxygen and nutrients, preventing premature death of brain cells.

Mrs. Sumiyati: Where can I buy this medicine?

Dr. Warsito: Not medication, Madam, we don't usually sell medication.

Mrs. Sumiyati: Oh, how do you do that then?

Dr. Warsito: Our CCT device can be programmed for many uses, from killing cancer cells to rejuvenating ageing cells, It will be similar to the device you had used before.?

Mrs. Sumiyati: Well, that sounds great! Will ECCT be able to make the wrinkles on my face disappear too?

Dr. Warsito: Don’t worry madam. You already look much younger than your actual age. Maybe it's a positive side effect of CCT or it’s the fact you have lots of love in your blissful family. Take care and may you live a happy and good life with your family.In the case of a GBM tumour patient, it is considered a spectacular outcome to be alive for 5 years and to do this without any of the pain and loss of mobility, is simply miraculous! Today is year 7 since Mrs Sumiyati’s diagnosis with GBM tumour.

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