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Bone Cancer Stage IV: 11 months from Wheelchair-bound to Wheelchair-free

A patient in Europe (who prefers to keep her identity private) was suffering from Chordoma, a rare bone cancer and was wheelchair-bound due to her tumour and, unfortunately, heading towards the end of her journey, as there was no other treatment choice available for her condition. There was a very large mass in her leg and a large mass in her spinal cord area. After 11 months of ECCT as the sole treatment, her tumour had now shrunk to become much smaller, and she could travel to her home village without a wheelchair now.

Cancer type: Chordoma, it is a rare malignant (cancerous) tumour that is often found in the spine and skull. A chordoma is a low-grade, slow-growing, but often locally invasive and locally aggressive tumour. Chordomas belong to the sarcoma family of tumours. These tumours affect about 1 person in 1 million people per year. One to four percent of all primary bone tumours is chordomas.

Treatment: She took 2 sessions of radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy; however, she showed no response towards both treatments. The patient then started ECCT in December 2021. For the entire 11 months, she was only on ECCT.

ECCT: She started with 2 sessions daily and 15 minutes for each session. It then gradually increased to 3 sessions per day with 1 hour in each session.

Duration: From December 2021 to November 2022. A total of 11 months of usage. Let us have a look at her result below:

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