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Bone Cancer: Finally, he passed as a 5th-year cancer survivor!

Yoga was first diagnosed by a doctor with scoliosis, which made his shoulders tilt more and more every day. However, a year later, the doctor found a tumour in his spine.

Examination after examination.. The doctor referred him to a neurologist, and the neurologist referred him to an oncologist, but it went on and on from one hospital to another without treatment and medication. Day by day, Yoga's condition is getting worse. His legs started to numb, and his whole body felt excruciating pain all day, even with painkillers.

On his birthday, on October 17 2017, Yoga started ECCT. After a month of consistent usage, his legs started to bend slightly. His pain starts to relieve day by day. He can now sleep well through the night. Slowly but surely, he knows he is becoming healthier. Finally, on 4 February 2018, his imaging scan showed that Yoga had recoveretumourn the tumour was not seen in the imaging anymore.

Today, Yoga agreed to be the testimonials because he wanted to tell all the cancer patients out there, don't give up. If his tiny body can be healthy and free from torturous tumours with ECCT, he trusts others can survive their fight too.

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