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Another Victory Achieved 10 Years Remissions: Pineal Brain Cancer, Stage IV

Another Victory to Celebrate!

Ramadhanu Ajie was diagnosed with pineal tumor cancer in 2012. Despite receiving radiotherapy, his health did not improve and the disease began to spread to other regions of his body. As a result, his vision was damaged and he became legally blind. Medically speaking, he is essentially "written off" with no chance of recovery. His last resort was to use ECCT.

After using the ECCT for a couple of days, he started to regain his vision and he was able to resume his studies while the ECCT treatment was ongoing. After two years of using ECCT, his cancer went into remission.

In 2017, 5 years after he was diagnosed with cancer, he graduated with a bachelor's degree and working as a visiting researcher. Our board of directors met him again recently in Surabaya, and personally presented him with a certificate of "10 years cancer survivor." He still uses the ECCT device now to prevent cancer from recurring. May you live a blessed, healthy and good life, and may you continue to be an inspiration to all cancer patients out there!

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