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Adnan, 10 years survivor who fought pilocytic astrocytoma when he was just 12 years old.

Adnan was only 12 years old (September 2012) when he was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma, a malignant tumour in the basal ganglia. His tumour compresses the left mesencephalon that controls eye movement, vision and hearing (MRI on 5 September 2012), causing him to have severe headaches with several impairments in vision, hearing, and motor ability. He had to quit school. He has no other option as surgery and radiation are not ideal as the risk of damaging vital nerves is high in his case. His father was desperate and decided to start CCT for Adnan.

After using CCT for a couple of months, Adnan's condition gradually improved, his vision and hearing returned. He later was able to walk, and started to be able to do normal activities and finally re-enter school.

After a year of usage, he stopped CCT in September 2013, and his condition remained normal. However, in mid of 2014, he began to feel intense headaches again, his vision started blurred again and lost mobility. MRI showed an enlarged tumour mass. Its size reaches more than 10 cm filling almost the entire central part of the brain to most of its left brain (MRI, 6 September 2014).

He restarted CCT, but this time the team had to redesign to reposition his helmet, so the electric field was more focused on the part of the centre of mass that is in the deepest part of the brain that is difficult for other waves to reach.

After 4 months, his legs are starting to stand again, and his vision and hearing are also improving. He still can't look back and remains colour-blind. But, his headache had almost not felt anymore.

MRI results after 6 months show the tumour mass has been significantly reduced and blocked brain fluid (hydrocephalus) has very much reduced as well.

MRI results (3 February 2017) show that the tumour mass is getting much smaller even though it does not fully disappear, leaving scar tissue behind.

10 years past now, and Adnan's condition remains healthy although his vision did not recover fully, but at least able to read and write messages in WhatsApp using a text-to-voice application to communicate with his friend and family. Adnan continues to use CCT till today, 2022, to prevent his tumour from growing again.


Adnan在12岁(2012年9月)时被诊断出患有基底神经恶性肿瘤。他的肿瘤压迫控制眼球运动、视力和听力的左脑间膜(2012 年 9 月 5 日进行 MRI 检查),导致他出现严重头痛,视力、听力和运动能力受到多种损害。他不得不辍学。


使用CCT几个月后,Adnan的病情逐渐好转,视力和听力恢复。后来他能够走路,并开始能够进行正常的活动,最后重新进入学校。 使用一年后,他于2013年9月停止了CCT,病情保持正常。然而,在2014年年中,他再次开始感到剧烈头痛,视力再次开始模糊,失去了行动能力。MRI显示肿瘤肿块增大。它的大小达到10厘米以上,几乎填满了大脑的整个中央部分,直到左脑的大部分(MRI,2014年9月6日)。



MRI结果(2017年2月3日)显示,即使肿瘤没有完全消失,肿瘤肿块也变得越来越小,留下疤痕组织。 10年过去了,阿德南的病情仍然健康,虽然他的视力没有完全恢复,但至少能够使用文本转语音应用程序在whatsapp中读写消息,与他的朋友和家人交流。阿德南继续使用CCT,直到今天,2022年,以防止他的肿瘤再次生长。

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