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7-Year Acoustic Neuroma Survivor's Life-Changing Experience

7 years ago, Mrs Yeyet had been experiencing a significant decrease in hearing and vision in her right ear and eye for about two years, and her condition had been worsening. She had to wear -7 glasses on her right eye and -2 on her left. Mrs Yeyet thought it was just a common hearing and vision problem until she complained of a severe headache and neck pain on the right side in the middle of 2016. An MRI showed that a mass was attached to the right side of her brainstem and was pressing on the cerebellum. Doctors suspected that it was an acoustic neuroma tumor that had grown to about 3 cm, and it was compressing the brain's fluid pathway (the fourth ventricle), causing hydrocephalus.

Mrs Yeyet underwent surgery to insert a brain shunt to relieve the hydrocephalus, but the tumor could not be removed because it was attached to the brainstem. She also experienced problems with balance and motor skills. While the shunt reduced her dizziness, her other symptoms remained the same.

Mrs Yeyet began looking for other options and was recommended to try ECCT therapy in September 2016. She started the treatment a month later. After several weeks, her sweat, urine, and feces had a strong odor. The most noticeable reactions were her eye and ear discharge, which smelled rotten. In a couple of months, her motor skills, balance, hearing, and vision improved significantly. The reaction lasted for 2-3 months since the first use of the device. The numbness and stiffness in her face and neck had greatly reduced, and her other symptoms had disappeared. In six months of using the device, she could return to normal activities. However, she had already resigned from her job at a hospital, Mrs Yeyet continued to use ECCT for two more years, even though her symptoms had disappeared. She never checked her MRI again.

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