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Mr. Edy, 60, has survived cancer patient for more than 5 years as of 2022. He was diagnosed with malignant cancer of the base of the tongue / hypopharyngeal tongue cancer and oesophagus in November 2017. The size had reached 6cm X 4cm X 3.6cm at the base of the tongue closing the food canal, and had invaded extensive lymph nodes and cheeks with tumour as large as 3cm. However, surgery is challenging and thus his oncology has suggested chemotherapy. He started chemo in early January 2018, Mr. Edy decided to try a combination of chemo with ECCT to increase his chance of survival as the average survival rate is very low with lifespan predicted of only 1-1.5 years.

1st year: After 6 months he used ECCT in combination with Chemo, his physical condition was relatively stagnant. The MRI showed a relatively enlarged in size to 5.4cm X 4.7cm X 5cm, but the tumour felt much softer. Mr. Edy continued to use only ECCT after he completed his chemo cycle. 1 year later, he had inflammation around the base of the tongue. The inflammation cause extreme pain and he couldn’t swallow. He had to be assisted to be on liquid diet through a feeding tube (NGT).

2nd year: In early 2019, he then underwent a second 6X chemo session until September 2019 and continued with 30X radiation from December 2019 to January 2020. Between chemo and radiation, he continued to use ECCT thorough the year.

3rd year: Slowly, his condition is getting better. 6 months later he was able to remove the NGT.

4th year: Finally, the MRI results in February 2021, 3 years after using ECCT in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the MRI showed a significant reduction in the tumour mass, its size was down to 4.7cm X 2.3cm X 3.3cm. He continued to use ECCT to treat the remaining of the tumours.

5th year: January 2023, Mr. Edy spent 5 years using ECCT and finally won the battle. His body condition has almost returned to normal but he still has a lot of sticky discharge in the form of saliva. He feels immense gratitude that he finally survived from the deadly cancers that is very extremely difficult to control.

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