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Electro Capacitive Cancer Therapy

Is Alternating Electric Field Therapy been used to treat cancer patients?

The NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) are comprised of recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of malignancies across the continuum of care. The NCCN Guidelines® currently apply to more than 97% of cancers affecting patients in the United States. The National Comprehensive Network (NCCN) guidelines for patients developed by the NCCN recommend Alternating Electric Field Therapy (TTF) as a standard treatment option for Glioblastoma (GBM). 

What is ECCT?

ECCT is a complementary therapy utilizing low intensity (<30 Watts) and medium frequency (±100 kHz) of electrostatic wave that generates electric polarization within a region confined by a number of capacitive electrodes that is embedded in what you wear or use on a daily basis. This is called ECCT apparel or device.

How does ECCT works?

ECCT apparel, when connected to a designated signal generator (oscillator), generates electrostatic fields that penetrate through air layers and into the body without direct injection to the location of the targeted tumour area. It causes electrical polarization inside the tumour tissue that interferes with the process of cell divisions, which is highly electrically active and leads to the self-destruction of the abnormal cells. 

What should I expect to receive in ECCT treatment plan?

Based on your report, our specialists doctor will assess your specific health condition and customize a plan that is directly in line with your treatment needs. This plan includes an appropriate schedule, expected progress, possible issues that may arise, and the corresponding actions, usage time, type of device to be used, and length of the cycle. You will receive every possible detail you need to know. 

How long do I need to complete a session?

We personalize plans for each individual user, and the plan will vary based on individual conditions. Recommended usage starts from 2 sessions of 15-minute cycles to up to 4 hours a day (following your designated plan) on a daily basis, for a minimum period of one year. For certain cases, it could be difficult to achieve remission, and our staff is here to help you better understand the complexities should such scenarios arise. 

What other effect ECCT has?

The electrical activities of abnormal cells are relatively high compared to healthy ones. ECCT is set low enough in intensity and frequency to target abnormal cells during division. Thus, ECCT does not affect normal cells. In fact, ECCT can increase healthy cell metabolism by improving cell membrane voltage of the healthy cells, enhancing blood circulation for the excretion of dead cells, as well as regenerating normal cells.

What happens if I overuse or have to skip sessions?

It is advisable to follow the exact usage time instructions assigned to you by our team. However, if the situation does not permit, skipping a couple of sessions is possible upon consultation and approval by our specialist doctor. Please also consult your doctor if a situation like this arises, and we will advise on the optimal approach in such a situation.

Can I use ECCT if I am planning for pregnancy, currently expecting or breastfeeding?

It is not advisable to use during the first 4 months of pregnancy. ECCT is safe to be used after the 4th month of pregnancy, during the planning of pregnancy, or during the breast-feeding period.

Is there a minimum age to use ECCT?

There is no age limit. The device will be customized to fit the size and age of the user. The youngest user of ECCT was as young as 9 months old (who is now 10 years old). However, consent from parents or legal guardians is required if you are below 18 years old.

Is there any food, dietary needs, or supplements required when receiving ECCT?

There are no specific dietary requirements; however, adopting a balanced, healthy daily diet is the key to prime and prepare your body at the optimal condition for recovery. It is strongly recommended that taking lemon juice every morning (1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice + 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil) to enhance your body immune system. Our team is happy to discuss more dietary details with you.

Do I have to continue using ECCT after my tumour cleared?

We recommend you use ECCT for at least 1 year for treatment and continuing for 3-5 years to prevent relapse and to achieve the aim of a 5 years remission.

Are there any restrictions to daily activities or sports activities when using ECCT?

We recommend that you plan plenty of rest during the treatment phase of ECCT. Too much strenuous activities should be restricted, and caution should be the order of the day as you proceed with your daily activities. For those who use ECCT as a preventive measure, regular exercise is encouraged to stay balanced and healthy.

Can I travel on a flight or move around when using ECCT?

There is no restriction to using or bringing the device with you when you travel, provided space and a safe environment are available when you need to use the ECCT blanket and ECCT head cap. ECCT jackets can be worn safely inside the flight. However, all ECCT devices must be removed and scanned through security gates at the airport. X-ray scan does not affect the ECCT device function. Please speak to us before making any adjustments to your treatment or usage of these equipment in response to any upcoming travel arrangements.

Is ECCT safe to be used at home?

The intensity of the ECCT is set at a low to medium frequency of 50-150 KHz, the intensity of <30 Watts powered by rechargeable batteries. This generates an electric field of 155-250 V/m. It is well below the threshold of 5000 V/m regulated by most country regulators. In fact, many electrical devices commonly used at home consist of electric field intensity ranging between 2 V/m-500 V/m, such as a stereo system around 180 V/m, an iron around 100 V/m, or a hairdryer around 80 V/m. With its low frequency and intensity, ECCT is safe and causes essentially no harm to the human body or normal cells.

Do I need to travel or go to any centre for the treatment?

One of the best benefits of ECCT is its portable and easy to use set. ECCT can be used at home or carry along anywhere you go. It is safe and easy to use by patients at any age.  Patient or family can choose to collect the device from our centre or courier can be arranged to your doorsteps across the globe. Treatment plan and medical doctor consultation will be conducted virtually on timely basis. So travel is not necessarily needed.

How long will I need to see the result?

Result can vary from individual depending on their health conditions, type and location of the tumour. In average, excretion resulted from the body reaction can be noticed within 1-6 months. The weakened of cancer cell, shrinkage or dissolved of tumour might takes between 6-12 months in order for imaging to pick up the changes visibly. It is encouraged for patient to use ECCT for at least a period of 1 year. Usage of min 3-5 years to achieved remissions is highly encouraged for best preventive measure.

Will family members or anyone be affected in any way by staying nearby ECCT when it is active?

The electric field generated by the ECCT device is safe for everyone. The electric field generated by the ECCT device only focuses within a distance in few centimetres around the device. Thus, it has no risk for the user or anyone staying near the device. In fact, ECCT may even provide health benefits to the surrounding people by increasing blood circulation and enhancing the immune system.

Will family members or anyone be affected in any way by staying nearby ECCT when it is active?

The electric field generated by the ECCT device is safe for healthy people. The electric field generated by the ECCT device only focuses within a distance in few centimetres around the device. Thus, it has no risk for the user or anyone staying near the device. In fact, ECCT may give health benefits to surrounding people by increasing blood circulation and enhancing the immune system.

Are there any limitations to using other electrical appliances (for example, mobile phone, tablets, or television, etc.) when using the device?

There will be no limitation to the use of any other electrical or electronic appliances while you are using ECCT. However, there may be accumulated electrostatic charges on the apparel device during the active time. For example, it should not be used closely to electrostatic sensitive devices or electrostatic induced inflammable materials.

How can I start ECCT?

ECCT is not for sale and only available on rental basis. Just follow some simple and easy step by step guide below and you are ready to start your journey to recovering with us!

1. Please ensure all your medical data and imaging DVD is ready with you.
2. Contact us to obtain an online order form for your country
3. Upon receiving your online form and complete medical data, we will be in contact with you to arrange for a video call with our medical doctor to review your data.
4. You can proceed to make payment and collection / courier of device to you after the video call.
5. Our patient management team will be in touch to guide you in detail on usage, dietary needs and detail plan to kickstart the session.
6. We will then send you the daily monitoring link to monitor on your conditions here onwards throughout the contract period.

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