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Technology is an enabler towards improving our well-being. Leveraging on technology and maximizing it for the betterment of mankind is a continual development. In medicine and healthcare, technology could help transform unsustainable healthcare systems and equipment into sustainable ones, harmonize the intrinsic relationship between medical professionals and patients, provide cheaper, faster and more effective solutions for diseases – In short, technology is the panacea against cancer and the key to a healthier community!

Your donation will contribute tremendously towards their dream!


How Much Does it Cost?

The researchers from found that the pivotal trials had an estimated median cost of $20 million. The trials' estimated costs clustered relatively closely around this figure.


According to a 2017 study of R&D costs for ten cancer drugs published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the median cost of bringing one cancer drug to market was $648 million. The range was $203.6 million to $2.6 billion. 


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