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Regenerate Your Health to

Improve Quality of Life with

Cutting Edge Technology


Renegerate Your Health with Innovation

Experience the Future of Health Today

Welcome to JRX Global, the premier destination for electric-based essential care technology. We are committed to providing innovative wellness products that incorporate cutting-edge technology to promote the overall wellbeing of the community. Our products are designed to empower our customers to live their best lives, full of vitality and longevity. Contact us today and see how we can help you achieve your life goals.

Pre-set treatment programme varies in the range of 5Hz - 500 kHz.

Voltage Range



A singular or combination of frequencies to boost different types of normal healthy cells in different organs.

5 Hz - 500 kHz

Where different voltage combinations are used to increase or decrease energy amount at a certain point of treatment.

-60 V and +60 V

The waveform programme is based on the specific body functions that needs to be improve.

Single waveform and/or a combination of waveform



All Angle Considered


Customer Satisifaction

JRX Global is dedicated to advancing electric based holistic wellness technology that aim to regenerate health and improve quality of life of many. Our team of experts is always exploring new ways to enhance quality of life through the power of electric technology. We invite you to learn more about our latest projects and see for yourself how our innovation is changing the world.


A Different Approach, A Holistic Approach incorporated in Your Daily Living.

Our team members at JRX Global are passionate about contributing to improved living of people. With innovative and cutting-edge technology, we work to bring about a new era of essential and holistic care to the world. Our focus on customer satisfaction and personalized care truly sets us apart from the rest. Get to know the team at JRX Global below.

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