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An Integrated Complementary Cancer Therapy that Utilizing Low-Intensity and Low-Frequency Electric Field that Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells.

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The fundamental principle of the electro-capacitive cancer therapy (ECCT) technique is to generate an electric field at the location of the targeted tumor area with certain modulation (intensity and frequency pattern) that creates an electric field distribution in such a way to interfere the electrical polarization inside the cancer cells during mitosis. This will cause a mitotic arrest that leads to cell splitting and self-destruction. 


ECCT is an integrative and holistic ayurvedic therapy that complement the traditional treatment and has helped improves the lives and regain freedom of many. ECCT utilize low intensity (<30 Watts) and medium frequency (±100 kHz) of electro-static wave that generates electric polarization within region confined by a number of capacitive electrodes embedded in apparels for daily wear at your convenience. ECCT apparels when connected to designated signal generator generates electrostatic fields that penetrates through air layers and into the body without direct current injection to the location of the targeted area to cause electrical polarization inside the tissue that interferes the process of cell division, which is highly electrically active, leading to self-destruction of the abnormal cells. 

Fundamental Technical Features:
  • Uses pure electrostatic/non-contact capacitive electrodes

  • No injection into the body

  • The treatment can be given through air layers

  • Possible to direct electric field anywhere in the body

Cell Death Mechanism:
  • Disrupts the electrostatic bonding between microtubules dimers to disarray the microtubules

  • Disrupts the mitosis process.

Treatable Type of Cancer:
  • Adenocarcinoma with soft lumens

  • Medium to high Grades metastatic

  • Tumors with relatively high dielectric property ratio and high surficial area

  • i.e., small spreading lesions that are metastatic

  • Interfacial tumors

  • Tumors attached to different organs

  • Tumors with metastasis to the blood stream or lymphatic system

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ECCT works well with a variety of areas, including metastatic breast cancer, lung cancer, and brain cancer, at all stages. 


Adenocarcinoma often develops in the glands that line your organs. Typical forms of adenocarcinoma include breast, stomach, prostate, lung, pancreatic and colorectal cancers.


These undifferentiated cancers have the most abnormal looking cells. High grade cancer cells typically grow and spread faster than lower grade tumors and generate much higher electric charge during division for ECCT to do it's job.

Note: ECCT is a holistic and complementary therapy. It is not a registered medical device.
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