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Capacitance Cancer Therapy

An Integrated Complementary Cancer Therapy that Utilizing Low-Intensity and Low-Frequency Electric Field that Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells.

JRX Global is the ONLY and exclusive authorized distributor in Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

*Capacitance Cancer Therapy (CCT) also known as ECCT


Capacitance Therapy may be the solution for you if:

  • All standard treatments, including Surgery, Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been unsuccessful.

  • You have exhausted all options.

  • You have been transferred to Palliative care.

  • Your disease is still progressing despite changing treatment regimes.

  • You have undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and all sorts of treatments but your cancer still come back.

  • You have suffered from severe side effects.

  • You have limited funds, and the cost of treatments keeps adding up over time.

Finally, a cancer therapy that ticks all the right boxes!

  • Electric fields have been proven to double the survival rate when combined with traditional treatment.

  • It works on high-grade tumours without affecting normal cells.

  • It has near-zero side effects and can be combined with other treatments and medications.

  • It improves the immune system and body function while battling the tumour.

  • It has no age limit. Survivors from as young as 9 months old to 90 years old.

  • Backed by abundance of published walking testimonials who still survived till today!

  • It can be used for a lifetime - from first diagnosis, recurrence, and prevention of relapse.

  • You only pay ONCE and a nett price for a lifetime.

  • It is customized to individual needs according to your condition and report.

  • A supportive team under guidance of specialist doctor is accessible without queueing up.

  • It allows for recovery from the comfort of your home.

Fundamental Technical Features:
  • Uses pure non-contact low frequency electric field generated by capacitance electrodes embedded in fabric

  • Non-invasive therapy with no injection, no chemical, no medication, no surgery and no hospitalization.

  • Able to direct electric field into any areas in the body to target at the right tumor location or even metastasis tumour across the body